Cozy up with a hot book and drive the winter chill away!

I hope the holiday season is filling you with joy and wonder! And here’s hoping that your wish list will fill your stocking (or e-reader) with lots of new books for the New Year!

Coming Very Soon—Loose Ends, Book 4 in the Badlands series should be out in late December!

A haunted garden statue, vengeful ghosts at an abandoned theme park, a cold-case missing person, and restless spirits in an art museum are just part of a not-so-normal week for psychic medium Simon Kincaide, owner of Grand Strand Ghost Tours in Myrtle Beach, SC. But when old bones turn up, it’s time to call in his partner, Homicide Detective Vic D’Amato. Then Simon’s ex-fiance makes an unwelcome bid to win him back, and his mother turns up the guilt. If that isn’t weird enough, a shady player is trying to discredit  Vic and destroy him, but with all the bad guys he’s sent up the river working Vice and Homicide, there’s a long list of suspects. Can Simon and Vic tie up the loose ends before unfinished business finishes them?

Watch for Unholy, Book 5 in the Witchbane series in early 2020!

Looking for a holiday book?

Lucky Town (Badlands 2) and Dark Rivers (Witchbane 2) both take place over the holidays!

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