Carnival of Mysteries

The multi-author Carnival of Mysteries Series. Each book stands alone, but each one includes at least one visit to Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, a magical, multiverse traveling show full of unusual acts, games, and rides. The Carnival changes to suit the world it’s on, so each visit is unique and special.

You can check out the series here.

My book in the series, Roustabout, is set in the Kings of the Mountain universe.


A con man and a government agent walk into a carnival…

Bartlett Gibson is a necromancer and an agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He’s hot on the trail of RJ Tucker, a psychic con man who has eluded him at every turn and led him on a merry chase. Pursuit leads to grudging respect in their game of cat and mouse, which becomes a high-stakes game of seduction. Bart chases RJ to the Carnival of Mysteries and realizes that nothing is as it seems. A dark witch’s curse ups the ante, creating a deadline for revenge and redemption, and the clock is ticking.

Falling in love breaks all the rules. Can Bart and RJ stop the witch, break the curse, and find a way around RJ’s spot on the “most wanted” list before time runs out?

Roustabout is a fast-paced MM paranormal romance filled with supernatural suspense, snarky humor, crafty carnival workers, sarcastic ghosts, midway magic, hurt/comfort angst, adversaries-to-lovers tension, and a very happy ending!  Available on Kindle / Kindle Unlimited. Order your copy here.

Love and Valentines at Caynham Castle

Holiday Romance at Caynham Castle: Book 4

Enjoy five Valentine’s Day-themed romances set at an ancient English castle that’s now a hotel.

Racing Toward Love by Jeanne Adams

Dr. Oriela Deschamps was overjoyed to get a job appraising an estate for the Wellington family in the small English town of Caynham-On-Ledwyche. From the first meeting with the Byron “Bo” Wellington, Ori knows the job is going to be a challenge. First, there’s Bo himself – the sexy, grumpy heir to Ribald Racing Stables. Then, there’s the exceedingly dangerous artifact that’s the centerpiece of her appraisal. That artifact, a set of riding silks from 1947, carry a curse and someone wants them for dark and desperate reasons. Can Ori’s magic save them, or will the would-be thief kill both Ori and Bo, just as they find their special Valentines?

Fae-ted Mates by Morgan Brice

Dawson and Grady King are honeymooning at Caynham Castle, hoping to take a break from monster hunting. They have one piece of family business to handle, involving a generations-long agreement with the Welsh Fae. When things go wrong, will Dawson and Grady survive, or will they be trapped in the Faerie realm forever?

Romance Sells Records by Caren Crane

After watching her mother’s hope for a grand romance get dashed time after time, Hannah Evans grew into someone with no tolerance for romance. Callum Hughes’ parents had an enviable relationship, and he wanted the same for himself: if only he could he convince Hannah to trust what they could build together.

Cupid Comes to Caynham by Seressia Glass

In Cupid Comes to Caynham, Oliver Jones’ family has run the Boar and Knight off and on for centuries. After his father’s death, it is now Oliver’s responsibility to manage the ancient pub, a duty that leaves him no time or desire for love–until professional tourist Shayla Munroe literally falls at his feet. With Valentine’s and Shayla’s departure date fast approaching, does love have time to bloom or will it die on the vine? Not if Venus and Cupid have anything to say about it.

The One Who Got Away by Nancy Northcott

Hastings Whitney grew up driven not only to succeed but to be seen to succeed. His focus on success cost him two marriages and any number of relationships. Now he has a second chance with the woman he never forgot, jewelry designer Corinne Lanier. Has he changed enough to balance work with a relationship? Or will a business crisis bring old habits back to the fore? And is there a sinister side to his problem?

You can order your copy for your favorite eReader here!

Did you miss it?

Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway is over but you can still get your own copy of Light My Way Home. The novella set in the Treasure Trail universe takes place before Treasure Trail and Blink and is available on your favorite ebook platform and will be coming soon in print.

Light My Way Home

A Treasure Trail Novella

A shy lighthouse keeper who can talk to ghosts. A lonely ghost mourning the losses of the past and hoping for justice. A love strong enough to transcend death.

Monty Clark is the new park ranger for the Cape May Light. He hoped to find someone to love who can accept his ability as a psychic medium.

Jon Richards was a movie stuntman murdered on the beach in the 1950s. When the new lighthouse keeper strikes up a conversation and invites him in to watch TV, Jon discovers that a beating heart isn’t required to fall in love.

Light My Way Home is MM paranormal romance with a shy park ranger, a protective ghost, unsolved murders, a dangerous shipwreck, supernatural ninja nuns, vintage movies, old secrets, and love bigger than life or death.

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Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend Giveaway

Claim your copy of  Light My Way Home and more as part of the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend massive giveaway on Prolific Works—and it’s a prequel novella to my Treasure Trail series! It’s an MM paranormal romance with a shy park ranger, a protective ghost, unsolved murders, a dangerous shipwreck, supernatural ninja nuns, vintage movies, old secrets, and love bigger than life or death.

Find out more about the Your Book Boyfriend’s Boyfriend giveaway and have fun with authors and readers on our very lively Facebook page.

I’m visiting a lot of my author friends’ groups with fun posts and giveaways, and I’m part of a bunch of online parties, so be sure to follow me and join my group so you always know where to look for the goodies!


A new book to enjoy!

It’s almost Labor Day weekend—and that means DragonCon! I’ll be on LOTS of panels all weekend, ranging from Supernatural to social media to gothic horror, spies, alternative history and more! I also have two readings and a signing. If you’re going, look for me on the DragonCon app to know where I’ll be popping up next!

Huntsman is now available in Audio!

NEW! Sins of the Fathers, Kings of the Mountain Book 2

Three deadly accidents that might have been magical murder. A dark witch with a grudge against the King family. Federal agents with supernatural abilities. And, as usual, Dawson and Grady are smack dab in the crosshairs of trouble even they can’t outrun.

When Grady King’s brother Knox is targeted by shady characters, old secrets, coverups, and lies come to light. Grady and his boyfriend Dawson begin to question what really happened when Grady’s grandparents and Dawson’s parents died. Then agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Supernatural Investigation show up pursuing a different case, only to discover that the crimes appear to be connected, with a vengeful dark witch at the center of the plot. And since monsters never sleep, Grady and Dawson are still carrying out their duty to hunt dangerous paranormal creatures, restless spirits, nefarious faeries, Civil War ghosts, creepy cryptids, and things that go bump in the night. It’s all part of the centuries-old King family mandate to protect the people of Cunanoon Mountain and Transylvania County, a mission Grady and Dawson are sworn to fulfill.

But when it looks like something is hunting the people Grady loves, it’s time to dig into the family’s painful past, uncovering dangerous details of long-ago hunts against immortal creatures who never forget—or forgive.

Can they solve the mystery and figure out who’s behind the deaths, or will they bear the deadly consequences of their hidden history? Reckoning with the past just might destroy Grady and Dawson’s plans for the future and set loose a tide of malicious magic that could sweep them all away.

Sins of the Fathers is a thrill-packed MM romance adventure full of fast cars, outlaw country boys, snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts, menacing monsters, and a love that can’t be denied.

Hot Chocolate + Hot Romance = Happiness

The Devil You Know is on Pre-Order!

Witchbane Novel #6

MM Supernatural Romance Adventure

Seth and Evan met “on the job” when Evan was the intended sacrifice of a dark coven, and Seth came to the rescue. Now, they’ve teamed up to stop a century of ritual murders and get justice for Seth’s brother Jesse and the other victims.

Seth and Evan have a plan to stop the next witch disciple, plus new allies and magic. But this time, the warlock knows they’re coming, and he has plans of his own. When Seth disappears and is trapped in a spell that gives him his heart’s desire, can he free himself in time to help Evan?

And when Evan’s younger brother shows up unexpectedly, can Evan trust Parker to have his back? It all comes down to trusting the devil you know!

The Devil You Know is a thrill-packed urban fantasy MM paranormal romance with plenty of supernatural suspense, hurt/comfort, hot sex, found family, and dark magic and features an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.  Pre-Order for Amazon’s Kindle. Releases February 8, 2022.

Ring in the New at Caynham Castle

Did you miss it? The shared world of Caynham Castle is back with another holiday adventure featuring romance novellas by four authors that all take place in the same castle and small English town with love, ghosts, gargoyles, and plenty of HEA!

My story is Memory and Malice — A Badlands MM Psychic Detective Romance

Psychic medium Simon Kincaide and his fiancé, homicide detective Vic D’Amato, planned a relaxing Christmas and New Year’s at Caynham Castle. But when Simon encounters a man possessed by a malicious ghost, he fears that a spirit with an ancient grudge intends to disrupt the holiday festivities. Can Simon and Vic prevent a disaster and protect the Earl, or will a ghost from the past destroy the chance to ring in a bright new future?

Look for the other books in the series featuring different characters. Christmas at Caynham Castle (with Teag and Anthony from the Deadly Curiosities books), and Trick or Treat at Caynham Castle (with Ben and Erik from Treasure Trail). Note: My story is MM romance, but the other stories are MF.  Order Ring in the New.

Make the Most of Summer’s End!

Can you believe it’s September? Where did the summer go? We’ve still got warm days ahead, so it’s time to find a comfy seat and grab a good book!



Ghosts always remember. Mobsters never forget.

Erik Mitchell helped Interpol bust cartels, oligarchs, and spoiled billionaires for art fraud. As an undercover cop, Ben Nolan helped bring down a Newark crime family. Now Erik and Ben have started over in Cape May, leaving their danger-filled jobs behind them, excited about a fresh start and their new relationship.

Plans to renovate a historic old theater stir up dangerous ghosts and revive interest in unsolved Mob hits. The curse of a murdered witch strikes a close friend, old movie props reveal clues to long-ago crimes, and a shakedown scheme sends Ben’s cousin running for cover.

Time is running out to lift the curse. The Russian Mob wants revenge on Erik, and the Newark Mob is gunning for Ben. A grieving ghost seeks justice. Secrets, lies, and deception unravel in the blink of an eye.

Erik and Ben were planning for happily ever after. But unless they can outwit witches, wraiths, and wise guys, they could go down in a hail of gunfire and a blast of dark magic—and see their plans go up in smoke.

Blink is a suspenseful MM paranormal romance mystery-adventure filled with second chance love, hurt/comfort, true soulmates, awesome food trucks, dangerous secrets, restless ghosts, psychic visions, powerful witches, angry mobsters, and a very haunted theater.

Book Two in the Treasure Trail series.


Goat shifters in love! Brave goats, wicked fae, and a cursed castle.

Gruff is available in KU, Kindle and paperback as a standalone Fox Hollow novel. Gruff is a suspenseful MM paranormal romance mystery-adventure full of sexy shifters, adorable fainting goats, hurt/comfort, second chance love, age gap attraction, sincere psychics, scary faeries, protective squirrels, found family, and fated mates.

Trash and Treasure

A lonely raccoon shifter. A hopeful possum shifter. Awesome donuts–and true love.

Trash and Treasure is an MM shifter romance with a flirty baker, a brooding artist, hurt/comfort, unusual art, a fancy tree house, found family, fated mates and seductive donuts. It’s also a standalone Fox Hollow novella.

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Legacy — (Deadly Curiosities #5, under my Gail Z. Martin name) Massive crossovers with Morgan Brice characters as Cassidy and Teag work with two ghostly pirate lovers to prevent a catastrophe for Charleston and the East Coast.

It’s Spring!

It’s spring—and love is in the air (along with a lot of pollen). Whether you’re basking in the sun or shivering in the snow, I hope you are making time to pamper yourself by curling up with a good book to relax and savor the moment!

Haven — hit #1 in two categories, thanks to my wonderful, amazing readers!!

Old secrets, hidden psychics, secret shifters, ghosts, scandals—and true love.  A series of long-ago disappearances leads cold case private detective Austin Williams to investigate a troubled sanitarium. Jamie Miller is new in town, temporarily running the local historical association, and he willingly signs on to help solve Austin’s mystery. Sparks fly between them as they dig into the hospital’s troubled past. But someone wants the past to stay buried—and is willing to bury Austin and Jamie to keep it that way. Action, mystery, hurt/comfort, geeks in love, supernatural secrets, a brave historian and a lovelorn private detective, plus a guaranteed HEA. It is loosely connected to my Fox Hollow series. Find it here in Kindle, KU and paperback.



Fables Retold is live! Tales as old as time…reimagined. What if your favorite fairy tales…kicked some serious, urban fantasy ass? 6 paranormal and urban fantasy authors. 6 fairy tales retold in modern day. 6 gorgeous couples to fall in love with—including Morgan’s goat shifters in love in a retelling of Three Billy Goats Gruff! Grab it here

What’s Coming Up…

Blink—a new Treasure Trail novel, coming this spring. There’ll also be more Witchbane, Badlands, Kings of the Mountain, and Fox Hollow books later in the year!

Legacy—(Deadly Curiosities #5), under my Gail Z. Martin name) Massive crossovers with Morgan Brice characters as Cassidy and Teag work with two ghostly pirate lovers to prevent a catastrophe for Charleston and the East Coast!

Off to a good start!

I’m so happy to turn the page on 2020 and start a fresh year—aren’t you? The weather outside might be “frightful,” but inside we’re cozy with dogs, books, and hot chai tea—delightful!

New on Audio

Loose Ends (Badlands #4) is now on audio! Here.

Treasure Trail (first in the series) is also now on audio! Here.

Coming up

I’ve also got a Witchbane short story, The Christmas Crunch, in Bookish Bits and Bites: A Coastal Magic Charity Anthology which is available only for a limited time and benefits Habitat for Humanity. Pre-order now, comes out in February, available only until 2/21: Here.

I’m currently working on Gruff, a MM shifter romance retelling of the Three Billy Goats Gruff fairytale for Fables Retold anthology (March)

And a new Fox Hollow-based book, Haven, in the Magic Emporium shared-universe series! (April)

Plus Blink—a new Treasure Trail novel, coming this spring.

There’ll also be more Witchbane, Badlands, Kings of the Mountain, and Fox Hollow books later in the year.

Have you read — The Christmas Spirit — (A Kings of the Mountain short story)

A haunted snow globe, dark dreams, and a tragic ghost on a snowy Christmas Eve test the bonds of love. Monster hunter Dawson King and his boyfriend, Grady, are looking forward to their first Christmas together as a couple. But malicious magic never sleeps, and a case with deadly stakes sends them out in a dangerous snow storm. Can they break the curse in time, or will the ghosts of Christmases past, present and yet-to-come come between them? Get it free here.

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Check out the Valentine’s Day panels and more coming up on ConTinual!

ConTinual is the online, ongoing multi-genre convention that never ends—and it’s got a heaping helping of holiday romance panels, panels with LGBTQ authors, fantasy, sci-fi, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Comics and more!


Are you Ready for New Adventures?

Even if you’re sticking close to home this summer , books can take you on adventures anywhere in the world, or in all of time and space! 

This will be the first summer where I haven’t traveled at all in a very long time, which includes conventions where I usually get to meet new readers and hang out with reader and author friends. But we have lots of books to read, and a growing number of Zoom interviews and panels to keep us company! 

Here’s what’s new: 

Heart2Heart4–Paranormal Collection—Pre-order now! Live July 2

18 of your favorite LGBTQ paranormal romance authors (including me) are back with an all-new, all-original paranormal collection—for a limited time only! In this new paranormal universe, mages and shifters, vampires, psychics, and even humans, will reach out to Heart2Heart podcast host Gene E. Del’Amp for help finding a magical match… and they just might find that talking about their woes helps their wishes come true. All proceeds benefit LGBTQ charities. Includes my squirrel shifter story, A Caller From Pittsburgh!

Kings of the Mountain

Fast cars. Outlaw country boys. A love that can’t be denied. Snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts, and menacing monsters.  First in a new series! If you cross ‘Supernatural’ with ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ only with main characters who are *together* this is what you get!

Leap of Faith

Free novella! Sexy psychic Simon Kincaid and his hot homicide cop fiance Vic D’Amato team up with monster hunters Seth Tanner and Evan Malone to solve four locked-room murders. A supernatural killer bent on vengeance is on the loose. Can they stop him before more people die, or will he turn his dark magic to stalk them? A Badlands/Witchbane crossover novella that can be read as a stand alone without having read either series.

Coming soon—Fox Hollow

A brand new series! Watch for the first Fox Hollow Zodiac novel, full of sexy shifters, hurt/comfort, second chance love, sincere psychics, hot first responders, found family and fated mates. Coming Late June/Early July

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