“It feels good to be back on the road.” Evan Malone wriggled to get comfortable in the front seat of the black Silverado. He laid a hand on his partner’s thigh and gave a squeeze.

Seth Tanner took one hand off the steering wheel and reached down to twine their fingers together as Evan sat back to enjoy the view. Seth’s dark blond hair still looked sleep-mussed, and he hadn’t completely lost the flush to his skin from a round of wake-up sex before they got on the road. Evan’s heart pounded a little faster at the thought that he had put that look on Seth’s face. The glint in Seth’s chocolate brown eyes suggested that there would be another round once they were done with the day’s drive.

“I missed this.”

Seth raised an eyebrow. “The road trip part or the almost-getting-killed-by-witches part?”

Evan gave him a look. “The road trip. The other stuff just goes with the job.”

“I have to admit, it was nice staying in one place for a few months,” Seth replied. “We put some money in the bank, rested up, and did some great hikes on those trails.” They had taken time off and stayed for a while in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina after finishing their last hunt.

“When all this is over—hunting the witch-disciples—I really want to take the RV around the country just for fun. Are you still on board with that idea?” Evan couldn’t help sounding a little wistful. They still had a lot of dangerous work ahead before they could make good on that dream.

“Sure. There’s a lot to see, and I promised you we’d go all the places you wanted to visit,” Seth reminded him. “But eventually it would be nice to have a house. A home base to come back to. We could still take the RV out when we wanted, but it would give us a little more elbow room…maybe even a yard with a garden.” The fifth-wheeler RV they towed was their home for now, inherited from Seth’s parents.

Evan smiled. “I like that. But it could be a while…I have a long bucket list.”

“Bring it on.” Seth grinned. “I’m up for the sightseeing challenge.”

Moments like this made it difficult for Evan to remember that he and Seth had been a couple for less than a year. They had fallen in love fast, outwitted a killer, and gone on the road together after only four days. Then they started the harder work of getting to know each other, while continuing Seth’s quest to track down the men responsible for a century of murders—including Seth’s brother, Jesse.

Sometimes Evan couldn’t quite believe this was his life. He’d been a bartender back in Richmond, not a warlock hunter. Then a dark witch kidnapped him to sacrifice in a ritual. Seth had saved his life and destroyed the witch.